My name is Łukasz, but you could call me: Lucky Luke Guide.

Why Lucky Luke? From childhood I liked to watch the cartoon about a skinny cowboy who conquered the Wild West and amused me with his cool approach to life.

Why Guide? For each trip or place, which I choose, I prepare in such a way that nothing can’t surprise me. Of course, you can’t predict any surprises, but I think that planning and preparing for a trip is the key to successful experiences and impressions.

I am a co-author of guided tours in the National Stadium in Warsaw. I worked as a guide and then I managed a guides team. I lived in three different countries, learning the language, culture and the local community. In London, I practiced english as a waiter in the catering agencies. In the United States, was working as a staff in the resort, situated high in the Sierra Nevada, in California. Almost half a year, I spent as a student in sunny Almeria, in Andalusia, in Spain. During a student exchange, I learned the language, culture and customs of the Andalusians and I started to be enthusiast.

I visited more than 20 countries in the world, during which I experienced many adventures, took a lot of photos and met a various people on my way.

Why I created a blog?
I would like to share with you my travel experiences, these large and small, show the places that I visited, which I can honestly recommend.
I would like to post photos form places I have visited, expressing my view of the world.
I would like to describe and share with you my impressions of the visited spots and show you my perspective on travel.


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